Middletown Day Nursery

66 East Main Street remains a symbol of community pride and support!


On the afternoon of March 12, 1912, Mrs. E. VanDyke Wight opened her home to twenty-one Mission Women of Middletown, New York. Genuine concern for the community—in particular for its young children—led to a decision that was to have an effect on Middletown and surrounding communities for many years to come. The Day Nursery was born! Its purpose was to provide careful supervision and care for young children during the parents’ workday.


The City Mission House donated two rooms, and parents were invited to enroll children at a cost of five cents per week. All children were welcomed in accordance with a firmly established policy of non-exclusion. Mrs. Ambler, the Day Nursery’s first matron, was hired for a weekly salary of $7.50.


To meet the ever-increasing needs of parents and children, plans for improvement were constantly studied. In 1973, the need for a new facility was recognized and the first major fundraising project of the Nursery was launched. Dedication services for the new facility were held on May 8, 1975, and the Nursery met all of the requirements of the State, evolving from a childcare facility to an early childhood education center.